League Rules

Basketball (5-on-5 Refereed)

Unless otherwise stated, all rules and regulations are in accordance with FIBA basketball rules (http://www.fiba.com/basketball-rules)

The changes specific to TRSL refereed basketball and other highlights are listed below:


  1. The game will consist of two 23-minute run-time halves with a 2-minute half-time break.
  2. “Stop-time” will be played during the final minute of the 1st half; and during the final 2 minutes of the 2nd half if the difference in score is 12 or less.
  3. Each team is allowed one 30-second time-out per half (no carry-over).
  4. The game clock will start by 2 min. past scheduled start time whether teams are ready to play or not.


  1. Each team must have 5 players on the court to start a game. After the game has started, a team must have a minimum of 3 to continue. A team may not continue to play with fewer than 3 players.
  2. At 2 minutes past scheduled start time (s.s.t.), if a team does not have the minimum number of players to start the game then 2 points will be awarded to the opposition. For each subsequent minute past s.s.t. that a team cannot meet the starting requirements, 2 additional points will be awarded. If, after 10 minutes past s.s.t., a team is unable to field the minimum, a default score of 20-0 will be recorded.
  3. If the game is tied at the end of regulation time, a 2-minute overtime will be played (stop-time, no timeouts). If the game is still tied at the end of overtime, the game is declared a tie (except in playoffs).


  1. We play modified-FIBA bonus rules (2 free-throws on 8th team foul of the period).
  2. We play "Federation" closely-guarded rules (because we don't use a shot clock).


  1. A player ejected during a game will be subject to an investigation behind the ejection. Investigation may result in further disciplinary action. Subsequent ejections, history of conduct problems or continued poor behaviour after an ejection may result in further disciplinary action.
  2. If a player is consistently receiving technical fouls game after game, they will be spoken to regarding their conduct, given a warning if necessary and suspended if their actions continue.


  1. A team may have a maximum of 12 players listed on their game sheet.
  2. Only eligible players may play for a team. An eligible players is someone who is listed on a team’s roster AND has completed a current TRSL Waiver Form.
  3. To be playoff eligible a player must have played a minimum of 25% of a team’s regular season games.


  1. All players must wear a shirt with a permanent number (no tape). The number must be: different from the numbers of his/her teammates AND a minimum of 4” tall and proportionally wide so as to be easily visible.
  2. The colour of the shirt must be the same / similar to those worn by teammates AND different from the colour of the shirts worn by the opponents. If a player or players on a team are wearing a jersey that is different than the rest of the team (e.g. for a sub or if a player is missing their jersey) the colour of the shirt must be reasonably different from the colour of the shirts worn by the opponents. Acceptable example - If a player on the Red Team is wearing a green shirt and playing against the Black Team, this player is allowed to play because green is discernible enough. Unacceptable example - If a player on the Red Team is wearing a dark blue shirt and playing the Black Team, this is NOT allowed because dark blue is too close in colour to black. This player must then wear a league sanctioned pinnie (of a brighter colour) in order to play. 
  3. One player per team will be allowed to play without a number. They will be listed on the game sheet as “0” or “blank”. If a 2nd player on the same team has no number, they will be allowed to play as “00” and as a penalty the opponents will be awarded 2 free throws. A 3rd such player will not be allowed to play.

Should players request an explanation from a ref on why a call was made, please direct your team captain to discuss this with the ref on your behalf. Team captain's are required to ask in a calm and concise manner (yelling or berating a ref will not be tolerated). The only permitted time to discuss calls with referees is prior to, during half-time or after your game has concluded. Questioning referee calls during a game is not permitted (as they will not take time to stop the game to discuss calls with you).  

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