Recreational/Intermediate (5-on-5) (Thursday) Flag Football Toronto (Central)

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League Information

Starts Thursday June 8th, 2023
Ends Thursday August 24th, 2023
Registration Opened Wednesday March 1st, 2023
Registration Deadline Thursday May 18th, 2023
Season(s) Spring, Summer
Games Played/Day 1
Game Times Thursdays (7:00 PM)
Game Locations Toronto (Central)
Location Type Outdoor
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Team Requirements

Players on Field/Team 5
Minimum Players/Team 5
Maximum Players/Team 20
Minimum Females/Team 0
Minimum Males/Team 5
Recommended Players/Team 5-10

Registration & Pricing

Individuals $125.00
Teams $899.00 (Plus Deposit)

League Notes:

Special Notes Due to the Pandemic:

  • The exact start and end dates may have to be changed based on the timing of restrictions being lifted
  • If required, we will delay the start of a season by up to 4 weeks (If it is longer than that, we would contact teams to make sure they still want to play in the delayed season)
  • Some aspects before, after or during the game may have to be augmented to comply with provincial restrictions
  • If, for whatever reason, the season does not happen at all, all registrations will be refunded in full
  • The season may be paused if health restrictions change and then started up again when the health restrictions are changed back
  • If the season cannot be finished due to restrictions changing after starting the season, and the season has not reached the halfway point, all registrations will be given a prorated refund minus an admin fee of $25 per registration
  • If the season cannot be finished due to restrictions changing after starting the season, and the season has reached the halfway point, all registrations will be given a prorated credit minus an admin fee of $25 per registration 
  • All players will have to be on the roster before playing (which is always the rule but it will be strictly enforced for the purpose of contact tracing)

Standard League Notes:

  • Format: This Flag Football League is played 5-on-5 on an outdoor grass field
  • Game Length: All games are 90 minutes long
  • Gender Requirements: Unlike most other TRSL leagues, there are NO requirements for female players. Females are welcome to join, but they should be prepared to play against mostly male players
  • Length of Season: This season is 12 weeks long (10 weeks of regular season)
  • Playoffs: Every team is guaranteed 2 weeks of playoffs, with the top 4 teams playing for the championship
  • Exclusion Dates: No exclusion dates
  • Skill Level: Teams are expected to be at a Recreational/Intermediate skill level
  • Jerseys: Teams are not required to have team jerseys, but we recommend teams wear matching shirts
  • Officials: Every game will be self-officiated, meaning players call their own fouls, penalties, etc.
  • Rules: Please review the league rules online:
  • Equipment: Teams will be required to put down a $50 equipment deposit for this league, which covers the Flags and the Pylons (for marking the end-zones). The deposit will be returned at the end of the season, when the equipment is returned to the league. Teams are required to bring their own Football to each game. 
  • Other: All registration fees are subject to HST. Your spot is not guaranteed until you have paid in full

Convenience fee on credit card payments: There will be a convenience fee of 2% on the total payment (Fee + HST + equipment deposit) charged to all credit card payments. If you prefer to avoid this charge, e-Transfer, cash and cheque payments are not subject to this fee. When requesting a refund (subject to our refund policy), the convenience fee will not be refunded (as it is not refunded by the credit card processor company on our end).

Location Notes: